Our eggs are fresh, wholesome, and highly nutritious produced from the best of the layer breeds internationally renowned for laying superior quality, healthy large eggs with excellent eggshell strength.

Our eggs are uniformly large. The eggs are graded, fresh, and clean. Quality is consistent with our healthy hen, the right mix of nutrient feed, safe and secure farms make it all possible.

Our strong and happy hens lay the best eggs. We thoroughly monitor the process and deliver the best to you. Srinivasa Farms takes pride in raising these birds and ensuring that only the healthiest certified eggs make it to your fork from our farms.

The origin of Srinivasa Farms dates back to 1965. A brand leader in the Indian Poultry Industry for over five decades with a strong foundation based on a powerful vision and extraordinary leadership, combined with an uncompromising focus on technological excellence.

Over the years, Srinivasa Farms has earned a reputation of being a pioneer in adopting & setting international standards of quality, hygiene, and efficiency in this industry. Driven by a simple mission, To provide quality and affordable nutrition.



Egg Hakka Noodles

Egg Potato Pakoda 

Egg Omelet Biriyani