Srinivasa Farms is a leader in Poultry Industry for over 50 yrs in India.

With a strong foundation based on a powerful vision and extraordinary leadership, combined with an uncompromising focus on technological excellence and proven operational efficiency, we are also a preferred and trusted partner among our stakeholders, who include farmers, entrepreneurs, scientists, experts, investors, customers and strategic partners.

At Srinivasa, we are passionate about food. We believe food is more than just an experience. It’s a vehicle for good health and nourishment. Our Purpose is to Provide Quality and Affordable Nutrition and it defines our existence. Our areas of operations include Poultry Production, Poultry Breeding (Layer & Broiler), Animal Feed Production, Soya Extraction, Chicken Processing, Chicken Retail Chain, Retail Eggs & Mega Food Park.

OUR Commitment

We are committed to producing fresh, wholesome, and larger eggs. This means that Hello Eggs maintain the quality of freshness longer than compared to regular eggs. Hello Eggs are top quality Graded AA, The hallmark of quality and freshness of our eggs is the result of our best breed of hens that are fed with highly nutritious feed under expert supervision.

OUR Standards

Stringent quality standards to ensure and deliver only the freshest eggs reach the stores


Our farm-fresh eggs are wholesome and packed with protein. The eggs are sourced from our own farms from the world-famous Hy-line breed known for laying nutritious, tasty, and excellent shell-strength eggs.


The eggs are sourced and packed hygienically to retain their freshness and nutrition and come in the convenience of 6 and 18 egg packs.

Top Graded-AA

Hello eggs are almost perfect. A Grade AA egg is the highest quality egg you can buy. The egg whites (albumen) are thick and firm, the yolks are high and round, and the shells are clean and unbroken.

* These are indicative values and may vary from batch to batch

Nutritional value

Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein. They provide important sources of iron, vitamins, and phosphorus. As a nutritional source of vitamin D, eggs rank second only to fish liver oils. Eggs are low in calcium, which is discarded in the shell, and contain very little vitamin C.

Eggs provide a unique and well-balanced source of nutrients for persons of all ages. Hard-cooked egg yolks are of the great nutritional value as a major supplementary source of iron for infants. When children reach one year of age they may also be given egg whites. Eggs contain significant nutritional value, which is essential during rapid body growth and therefore is an excellent food for young children and teenagers.

Low caloric value, ease of digestibility, and high nutrient content make eggs valuable in many therapeutic diets for adults. For older people, whose caloric needs are lower, eggs are an easy, inexpensive, and nutritious food to prepare and eat. Availability, modest cost, ease of preparation, popular taste appeal, and low caloric value give eggs a primary advantage for human nutritional needs.

Our strong and happy hens lay the best eggs. We thoroughly monitor the process and deliver the best to you. Srinivasa Farms takes pride in raising these birds and ensuring that only the healthiest certified eggs make it to your fork from our farms.

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